Golf Tournament





 Adriatic Golf Club, Milano Marittima - Cervia RA

 18 Holes Louisiana - 4 players - Shot gun

OMC2019 registered participants are invited to run for the first prizes of the OMC 2019 Golf Tournament 18 Holes Stableford formula! This competition is held at the Adriatic Golf Club of Milano Marittima on the day before the opening and it is definitely the best way to start OMC 2019!

 General Rules

  1. TEAMS will play with 1/10 of the sum of the players’ handicaps.
  2. The score card must be signed by at least by 2 players.
  3. The organizing committee will draw the teams on the basis of the handicap including a lady per team
  4. It is played under the Rules of the Royal & Ancient Golf of St. Andrews and the Local Rules of the Club
  5. Dropping along the entire route (including rough and bunkers - excluding water hazards) by the distance of a score from the chosen ball and not nearer the hole, while on the green within the range of the head of the putter from the chosen ball and not nearer the hole.
  6. Each member of the team performs tee shot. Captain chooses the ball more convenient to effects of the game. All other balls will be raised and placed and all 4 players of the team will make the second shot from that position. We will carry out the same procedure until the 4 balls will be pocketed.
  7. AWARDS: 1st, 2nd 3rd  team net score 1st  team gross score
















Subscriptions are open to all OMC 2019 attendees free of charge until 18th March!


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